Randy Lentz Automotive (RLA)

Hours of operation 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Randy Lentz Automotive in Perth Ontario is a full service facility with the all the equipment to service today’s modern vehicles.

Up to date Snap-On and Launch vehicle scanners for those pesky check engine lights, with full range of manuals to back up any repair from Alldata.com.

We service all automobiles and specialize in newer and older BMW, AUDI, PORSCHE, MERCEDES and VOLKSWAGEN models.                                                                       

Some of our specialty services include:

Air Conditioning
Our A/C inspection includes a visual check, performance test, pressure test and leakage test as well as our Preventive Maintenance Analysis.
We offer complete system repairs, addition of coolant, system evacuation and complete system overhauls.

We offer standard alignments and four-wheel alignments. On a regular alignment we adjust the front end toe and camber.  A four wheel alignment adjusts all angles on all four wheels to match manufacturer recommendations, as well as technical expertise for track and autocross applications.

We stock batteries for almost every car and light truck that we service. All carry a warranty of 60 months with 2 year free replacement. Ask about our full line of MagnaCharge batteries.

Brake Packages

• Our most common Brake service includes:
For front disc brakes service, we replace the rotors, replace pads, lubricate caliper slides and repack wheel bearings where applicable.
• For rear drum service, we machine or replace the drums, replace linings, adjust the brakes and repack wheel bearings where applicable.
• All Brake service packages have an optional lifetime limited warranty on parts available at an additional cost.

Charging System
 We offer complete Alternator, Starter and Regulator service and we can check your vehicle’s wiring for shorts, check the entire charging system, and charge your battery if needed.

Cooling System
Our standard cooling system service includes a flush; fill of the radiator but we also can replace your hoses, belts, clamps, and coolant as needed.

Engine Replacement
Call us for a free price quote, or schedule an engine analysis. We can repair or replace foreign & domestic engines at unbeatable prices! Our rebuilt engines come with extensive warranties. Used options with 1 year warranties available as well.

Front End Repair
When your front end requires more than just an alignment, come to us for ball joints, idler arms, tie rod ends, and much more!

Mount & Balance Tires
Our state-of-the-art equipment assures you accurate mounting and balancing of your new or existing tires. Specializing in low profile performance applications.

Oil, Lube & Filter
Our basic oil change includes up to 5 liters of 5w30 oil, a new oil filter, a preventive maintenance analysis and a chassis lube where applicable. Specialty synthetic oils and filters for European manufacturers in stock.

Shocks, Struts & Springs
Low pressure, high pressure, gas charged, shocks, struts, springs, load handlers, cargo coils, torque struts, hood and trunk struts, lowering kits available by special order. Schedule your vehicle assessment today and we would be happy to provide you with a competitive estimate.

Transmission Service
Our standard Transmission service includes a new filter, a new gasket and new fluid.

A maintenance tune-up is the best way to help keep your car running at top performance. With our service, we’ll replace the spark plugs and wires, adjust idle mixture, adjust carburetor mixture and set timing where applicable. Plus, we offer complete service on caps; rotors, air filters, fuel filters, PCV valves, engine diagnostics, and throttle body cleaning.

Miscellaneous Services
Come to Randy Lentz Automotive in Perth Ontario for headlights, signals, wiper blades, and more!


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